winter in kyiv


a break


helping with the move

One of my favorite people has moved out of state. She left with my sister (another favorite person) and her dad who has a new job. I met her the day she was born and thought we would live close to each other for a longer time. The move is good for this little one’s family and for our parents, who will be much closer to their grandchild. I really miss her laugh and giving her squishy hugs.

This winter has been stressful and tiring. My ‘interview suit’ has been to many funerals but no interviews…I have no energy to search for new opportunities.
In addition to my day job I now teach an English class on Monday nights. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to prepare for class each week. The work is so rewarding though as my student expresses gratitude I have never experienced from my public school students. We both appreciate the friendship developing from our connection.
My husband has been away for work 49% of the time for the last five months. We are independent people and I love my space but even for me, that is too much.

The long, cold winter (which I love) is fading away and signs of spring are surfacing. One of my favorite signs of spring is a vacation to help push us through the month-long testing before more exams start to wrap up the school year.

Today, I am thankful for a long time to sit in quiet with nothing else to do.


waiting in Frankfurt

weekly photo challenge: home

I grew up here by playing in the woods, walking along creek edges, cooking over camp fires, pitching tents, swimming in lakes and hiking mountain trails. I camped here with family, then friends, then first loves. I went to university here and escaped to the parkway in times of celebration and as a way to clear my mind and find peace when life became too much. I returned here after moving far away to attend a beloved craft school. I have always felt comfortable here, I can always be my true self here. I miss this place and wish to be here more often than I will ever be able to return. I was not born here, nor do I live here, but the mountains of North Carolina will always be my home.

nc mountains3 nc mountains2nc mountains