weekly photo challenge: morning

The summer morning view at Pechersk Lavra, in Kyiv, Ukraine. June 2016.



weekly photo challenge: masterpiece

During a recent trip I felt like I was standing inside a work of art. Each landscape was as breathtaking as the last and the next seemed to be even more spectacular. Photos can only hint at the overwhelming and varied natural beauty in the state of Oregon:


last day…until the first day

UntitledThe galleries have been cleared. Final critiques completed. Sketchbooks and portfolios taken home. Grades have been earned. The bulletin boards are blank and the storage cabinets are filled again with supplies not used up this year. My desk and all the counter-tops are bare after being buried under papers and supplies the last 10 months. The rooms are quiet. The only thing left to clean are the recycled-clay buckets.

The best aspect of my job is that there is always an end, and later, there is always a new beginning.



1. Today is Friday

2. “Cat” is doing well.

3. Monday is a teacher workday which means all the work I would normally bring home is sitting on and around my desk. It all really can wait until Monday.

4. I have only met one person (ever) who shares my birthday. I recently found out one of my students also shares my birthday. When we discovered this fact we both turned, looked each other in the eyes, simultaneously raised our eyebrows and couldn’t stop laughing. I know we were both thinking the same thing: “THAT person is crazy!
We have come a long way since September.

5. I have received a scholarship (briefly mentioned here) from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine and will be attending a week-long workshop on turning this summer!



weekly photo challenge: home

I grew up here by playing in the woods, walking along creek edges, cooking over camp fires, pitching tents, swimming in lakes and hiking mountain trails. I camped here with family, then friends, then first loves. I went to university here and escaped to the parkway in times of celebration and as a way to clear my mind and find peace when life became too much. I returned here after moving far away to attend a beloved craft school. I have always felt comfortable here, I can always be my true self here. I miss this place and wish to be here more often than I will ever be able to return. I was not born here, nor do I live here, but the mountains of North Carolina will always be my home.

nc mountains3 nc mountains2nc mountains