weekly photo challenge: dinner time

New Year’s Day 2016: Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

A crab enjoying its New Year’s Day meal.




weekly photo challenge: time

Happy 2016 and Happy Lunar New Year!!! May the year of the Monkey be good to you.time



stories of resilience from Cambodia and Sri Lanka

This past week I read two books in preparation for my first trip to Cambodia and my sixth visit to Sri Lanka. I highly suggest both.

I try to read first-person stories from a country before I visit. Although both books address profound loss I realize there are many fully positive stories from these countries as well.

First They Killed My Father is an autobiographical story told by a young, well-to-do girl from Phnom Penh who survives the genocide arranged by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.

Wave recounts the loss of a woman’s family while on vacation in Yala when the 2004 South Asian tsunami struck Sri Lanka.

While both stories are breathtakingly horrific and tragic both women are courageous, determined and resilient despite seemingly insurmountable heartbreak.


weekly photo challenge: an unusual pov

Moon Chest, 2008; Ai Weiwei

Moon Chest, 2008; Ai Weiwei

Looking through a row of large cabinets depicting phases of the moon.

trapped lightbulb

trapped lightbulb

In southern Sri Lanka, a light bulb is stuck in the wall of a home destroyed by a tsunami. The man lost his wife, children and his house. He now rescues, rehabilitates and releases sea turtles from the remains of his former home.


weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

On an unusually pleasant first day of summer I think back to some of the warmest locations I have been. Today is nice; the windows of my home are open and a cool breeze is blowing… but there are many hot summer days ahead.

waiting for the fishing boats to return
near Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

abandoned pool at the Ducor Hotel
overlooking West Point
Monrovia, Liberia

a woman crosses the street
10 minutes after a heavy downpour
Kigali, Rwanda

waiting for dark and fireworks
in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Washington, DC

unusually steamy, sleepless night
Kathmandu, Nepal