weekly photo challenge: grid

A crow in a barn at a dairy in Sri Lanka.



3 year anniversary

This is the three year anniversary of this blog. Much has changed and much has stayed the same. Today’s date is memorable for Americans but I didn’t think about it until this afternoon as I now write the date each day as: 11/9 instead of 9/11.

It’s interesting to discover all the “differences” when living in a new place. One of the first things I noticed was that small and large planes fly low and close to buildings. I still pause for a moment each time one comes close to school; no one else seems to notice. I also find it comforting to see phone booths around the city. These two images take me back fourteen years ago, ever so briefly, each time I see them.

6.26.2015 love wins

Love won on Friday, June 26, 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled that all people in the United States are guaranteed the right to marry. It was an exciting step forward and a celebratory day filled with happiness as everyone in the nation was granted a common right. My family ended the day at the home of our President, where a steady stream of hundreds were gathering, to mark the joyous occasion by taking photos and singing patriotic songs.

photo credit for this image: my cousin

last day of school


After 12 years here and 18 years in this public school system, today was my last day. I’ve spent 35 years in public schools in the U.S., sometimes as a student, sometimes as a teacher and many years overlapping as both.

Today was bittersweet as I said good-bye to friends who have been like family for many years. Last week was a difficult as I spoke with so many wonderful young people for, likely, the last time. I feel I am abandoning the institution (public schools) I have defended and praised almost all my life. I am also looking forward to the change I have chosen. I hope it is all it seems to be: more time with students, less testing and a better life-balance for students, teachers and all staff at my new school. Only time will tell what teaching outside of the U.S. will bring…please stay tuned…