weekly photo challenge: split-second story

married 45 years



weekly photo challenge: habit

Visiting the monuments at night
when there isn’t enough time for exercise during the day:

My Grandfather served in India during World War II and I remember him and my Grandma every time I see this memorial.


gradual clearing & praise of turmeric

blue sky The last 10 days have been under-the-weather days. Body-achy, sinus-pressure-y, exhausted days. Not bad enough to stay home but bad enough to exude sympathy from teenagers. The worst part of it all has been the sleepless nights and consumption of more cough drops than food from the endless coughing. Remedies started out natural enough but I quickly moved on to over the counter medications and even an anti-cough prescription  The nights remained sleepless and the prescription actually made the cough worse. In a fit of late-night desperation I did what I should have done many days ago:
I googled it.
Among the ginger-honey and dark chocolate solutions was one I had not tried:
turmeric in warm milk.
Within moments I pulled my warm milk from the microwave, dumped the heaping spoonful of turmeric powder in the glass and stirred. Metaphorical fingers crossed (too tired to actually cross them) I slowly sipped until the glass was empty and hoped for the best. Thinking positive thoughts I quietly returned to bed, crawled under the warm sheets and for the first time in weeks, slept for eight hours.