last day of school


After 12 years here and 18 years in this public school system, today was my last day. I’ve spent 35 years in public schools in the U.S., sometimes as a student, sometimes as a teacher and many years overlapping as both.

Today was bittersweet as I said good-bye to friends who have been like family for many years. Last week was a difficult as I spoke with so many wonderful young people for, likely, the last time. I feel I am abandoning the institution (public schools) I have defended and praised almost all my life. I am also looking forward to the change I have chosen. I hope it is all it seems to be: more time with students, less testing and a better life-balance for students, teachers and all staff at my new school. Only time will tell what teaching outside of the U.S. will bring…please stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “last day of school

  1. Thank you for your years of service…as someone not directly in benefit of it, but in solidarity for all who give their energy and passion in the cause of education. May your new adventure bring increasing wisdom and reward!

    • Thank you so much! It was both an easy and incredibly difficult decision to make depending upon the day. Now that it’s done I’m looking forward to the next chapters…

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