weekly photo challenge: contrasts

He looks the same, just less nervous. His smile is more broad. He will now be able to vote in the nation where he has paid taxes and served the country’s citizens for twenty-five years. No more worries about visas before every single trip. Homeland Security will no longer detain him for hours because an agent wrote the wrong code on a travel document. His family will no longer “worry about him getting into some sort of trouble” and if he ever does… his country will help to protect him.

This week my husband became an American citizen. These photos were taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where we ended our day of celebration, after a raging summer storm transformed to a calm sunset.



7 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: contrasts

  1. Congratulations! My brother-in-law, from Senegal, became a citizen last year this time and so we completely understand.

  2. Congratulations! This is a very moving post, actually, maybe because I don’t know what it would be like not to be a US citizen. I never imagined the anxiety. May I inquire as to your husband’s country of origin? And welcome him!

    • HI! and thank you; we are very excited!

      There have been so many times I have waited for him, not knowing when he would be released just over the most mundane clerical issues. When he was collecting his paperwork after the ceremony and I had to wait for about 20 minutes to see him I thought, “This is the LAST time!”. At times, the process has been absolutely nerve-wracking for me and I have only experienced a small fraction of his obstacles over the years.
      No more student visas, no more work visas, no more green card!
      He is from Sri Lanka.

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