weekly photo challenge: one

 my one fuzzy love: a 16-year old cat
who has been my companion for over 10 years
sleeping more than he is awake
I hope he can stay with us a little while longer



27 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: one

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  10. oh, there is nothing quite like the enduring love of an older cat. I hope he can stay with you for a few more years. Each day with them is a gift. I sit tonight with my 14 year old girl in front of the fire, and treasure my faithful friend. I am reminded of my dear cat friends who were with me for 17 years, others too soon at 13. What a blessing an old cat is. Happy holidays and good health to your and your friend.

    • Thanks; he really does! May your animal friends stay healthy and happy for as long as possible too. Best wishes and a belated Merry Christmas to you!

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