weekly photo challenge: layers






World Trade Center (9/11) Memorial



11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: layers

  1. This is a beautiful interpretation of the challenge. I’ve not been there and it was moving to see the memorial through your lens.

  2. Thank you for sharing this: I’ve not seen any photos before of the memorial. I like it….water is soothing, movement is change and constant all at once. A fitting way to heal, I think.

    • It’s interesting you mention that…I had not seen any photos either…only from high above. Photos are allowed and plenty were being taken…

      I think the memorial is designed very well; there’s a lot of symbolism in the fountains and surrounding park and plenty of space to be alone or to share with others.

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  4. You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the memorial Have been there several times but haven’t taken any photos yet. Love the reflection shot particularly. Very nicely done and a great challenge response.

    • Thank you so much; I really appreciate your thoughts.
      In person, I felt the space was small and intimate. Looking at the photos I see how expansive the memorial is.

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