the kids deserve a break

One of our parents lost his life at Navy Yard on Monday.


3 thoughts on “the kids deserve a break

  1. A tranquil scene, beautifully photographed, with a caption that suggests chaos in your life. I hope that scene reflects your reality as well. May all manner of things be well with you.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am well.
      The service was yesterday and though it was beautiful my heart aches for these kids. They aren’t prepared to deal with such things…nor should they be.

      • Ah, now I understand. By “our parents” you mean parents at the school where you teach, right? And “these kids” are kids who go to your school. It makes you think of all the confused children around the world whom violence has hit, changing their world, their domestic life, their futures. Yesterday was International Day of Peace. May we strive to bring peace to our world…for our children.

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