weekly photo challenge: saturated

Laughter and long conversations with girlfriends.
Sitting around my table the night before.
The only reminder left this morning is a bright bouquet of flowers.




A year ago today I started this blog. My goal was to complete one year of posts.
I haven’t written as much as I would like; I still enjoy photographing my surroundings more than writing about them.

Over the past year my Grandma, who inspired me to document my travels, lost (or perhaps won?) her battle with Alzheimer’s; I had one of my most difficult years at work (mostly the result of student suicides); I searched for a new job, was offered a new job and stayed with the old job; thanks to my sister I am a happy Auntie to a lovely girl and my summer travels were the not-too-far but not-too-close relaxing trips in the U.S. that were needed.

The fall has always been the beginning of a new year for me. I greatly appreciate everyone who has checked in and sometimes travels along on the journey; it’s nice to have your company.


weekly photo challenge: an unusual pov

Moon Chest, 2008; Ai Weiwei

Moon Chest, 2008; Ai Weiwei

Looking through a row of large cabinets depicting phases of the moon.

trapped lightbulb

trapped lightbulb

In southern Sri Lanka, a light bulb is stuck in the wall of a home destroyed by a tsunami. The man lost his wife, children and his house. He now rescues, rehabilitates and releases sea turtles from the remains of his former home.