weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

This photo was taken decades ago on the Atlantic coast, during a hot summer day in South Carolina. My cousin and I were newly showered, fidgety, awkwardly and impatiently posing for a photograph, yet doing exactly what was asked of us. We both were first-born-only-children to our parents and the first grandchildren. Our sisters would be born many years later and they would teach us how to break all the rules. We may have spent a week at our rental beach house but it seemed like we spent the entire summer in the ocean, getting sand into everything and eating watermelon at every meal. We took this picture before driving over to Charleston to see the old buildings and remains of a fort before going out to dinner that evening.

This same beloved cousin visited us last week with his wife and two kids. We showed them around DC, visiting monuments and museums, as we all were comfortably chauffeured around in their spacious mini van. We spoke of old times, silly family situations and gossiped about family members. We caught up on careers, dreams and compared aches and pains. We laughed when discovering that our childhood memories, many of which we shared, seem to be much more clear than anything we have experienced recently.



13 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

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    • Our visits together are very rare but once we get together it seems not much has changed.
      I hope you have a happy week as well!

    • Been away for a while and just seeing your comment…we did have fun! Thanks for putting your thoughts in print…I may need the evidence later! : )

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