15 years on 5/15

Today I completed my first face-to-face(-to-face) interview in 15 years. I have had a few informal  “meetings” where a supervisor has already suggested I should be hired—and those absolutely.do.not.count. Today was a wear-a-new-suit-and-keep-re-trying-on-five-different-shirts-and-actually-do-something-with-your-wild-hair-and-why-is-my-stomach-churnning-and-leave-super-early-so-you-are-not-late-day.

I am surprised how comfortable and content I am. I am beyond relieved the interview is over and I am relieved that it went well. There were a few fumbles but the person I presented is really me (fumbles are common, so I was just being authentic). They now get to choose if I am a good fit or if someone else is a better fit. I sincerely hope they discover an applicant who is much more qualified on every level than I. The teachers and students desperately need that person. I would be honored if they chose me but I am undecided if I would even accept such a job. It is a position that would give me endless challenges—many of which I have not yet faced—which is tremendously scary.
Challenges are good though and many of them turn us in to better people…once we survive those tests.

Today’s interview leaves me feeling grateful for the following:
— I have the luxury to search for new opportunities. I have not lost my medical coverage, I still have a paycheck and do not have to worry about how I will pay my bills—many people around me are not so fortunate.
— Despite all its frustrations and the fact we may no longer be the perfect fit for one another, I am fortunate to have my current job.
— Despite the long distances between us I have access to technology which allows me catch up with my spouse at the end of a long day as if we were (almost) in the same room together. His big speech and subsequent meetings went well too.
— I will get a quiet, relaxed sleep tonight—the kind I have not had for a while.
At least until the next interview is scheduled…
Sweet Dreams.


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