1. Today is Friday

2. “Cat” is doing well.

3. Monday is a teacher workday which means all the work I would normally bring home is sitting on and around my desk. It all really can wait until Monday.

4. I have only met one person (ever) who shares my birthday. I recently found out one of my students also shares my birthday. When we discovered this fact we both turned, looked each other in the eyes, simultaneously raised our eyebrows and couldn’t stop laughing. I know we were both thinking the same thing: “THAT person is crazy!
We have come a long way since September.

5. I have received a scholarship (briefly mentioned here) from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine and will be attending a week-long workshop on turning this summer!




7 thoughts on “hooray!

      • After a little more sleep, I can answer my own question…I work in a place where the acronyms never stand for the obvious. The end-of-year, state-mandated tests here are called: SOLs.

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