5 works

I have applied for a grant from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. Woodworking is a weak area of mine where I have very little experience but I would love to know more about the processes. IF chosen, the grant will cover my tuition for one of their classes which I would be able to take during the summer. I won’t hear about selection until after mid-April so until then I will try to be patient.

Applicants could share up to 5 works with the selection committee. These are mine.


19 thoughts on “5 works

  1. I’m so happy to see these – i didn’t know you did ceramics, metal, etc. The copper bowl is really super – very strong and delicate at the same time – just a wonderful piece. It has a mythic quality. I like the raku pieces very much too. All of them – wow, I hope you get the grant. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thank you for the kind words and enthusiasm about my work—what a nice surprise!
      I will absolutely keep you posted about the results of the grant decision.

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  3. Did you hear whether you are accepted onto the course? I particularly like the wooden bowl with the pointy legs. Is it walnut or something similar?

    And to make things in so many different media – very impressive. I would give any of them house room.

    • Thank you, David; that is very kind of you.
      I did get the scholarship (thanks for asking) and took a wood turning class in Maine a few weeks ago. It was a beginning class but really fantastic…I hope to get a post up about the trip within a month.

      The bowl with the legs is my first (and only) copper piece.

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