weekly photo challenge: delicate

This week has been full of emotions and proof that life is delicate. The Grandma I said farewell to on Wednesday led a full life of 90 years. The children and adults who were wounded or lost their lives this week in a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and a mall in Portland, Oregon and a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama did not get the same opportunity.

I think of the garden and how it needs attention and care or only weeds will grow. We forget how impressionable the mind is and how we should pay more attention. How there is potential for so much beauty and sustenance if we only make the time to tend to one another.

chinese lantern pod orchid seedlings


22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: delicate

  1. The top photo is so enchanting. At first I thought it was gold painted metal art work. Then I saw the fruit hanging in the back. Nature sure does work in mysterious ways… What kind of fruit is it?

    Much strength and warm wishes.

    • It’s a Chinese Lantern plant (Physalis alkekengi, I think). It’s a beautiful plant (bright orange in the late summer/fall) but it’s very invasive. You can see the orange lantern-like (non dried-out) bulbs in the background.

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