i’ll be seeing you

Much love GM. I will be there soon to wish you well on your next journey. We all miss you.

Love always,

GM at Ocean Isle


6 thoughts on “i’ll be seeing you

  1. I was thinking about you & your GM today as I brainstormed my “future plans”. It seems she is heading out before you again to a new country…you will still be learning from her. Keep your heart open, even though it hurts. With compassion….scillagrace.

  2. This is hard to do and you’ve done it well – to honor someone that close, who’s lived so long, in a medium that often is so superficial. I like the way the second photo complements the first, and that you kept your words so simple. “You will still be learning from her” – above – is a smart thing to say.

    • I am just now seeing your comment—not sure how it was missed—thank you for the kind words. The two photos were taken on the same trip…the last photograph was taken after I packed the car, just before we left, on the morning of our last day at the beach. It was a trip I will always treasure.

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