simple reminders

Sleepless nights.
Grumpy students who don’t listen.
Pointless evaluations at work that measure nothing, force more testing and take away time with students.

A husband who travels and is away. A lot.
Last-minute plans to get family members into the country for the holidays.
Said wonderful family members staying beyond my vacation time thus freaking out my introverted self.
Home repairs. Paying for home repairs.
Not enough hours in the day.
Lots of complaining… all in the sound of my voice.

Despite my best plans, I will not be printing holiday cards this year. I’ve given myself a break and decided to order some from another artist. The cards arrived in the mail today. On top of the stack was ONE card unlike all the others:

It is the gentle poke I truly needed. It made me smile and reminded me to not be so melodramatic. Perhaps next year, I’ll order a stack of these to give out during the holidays.

* You can find Jennifer Judd-McGee’s previous blog here and her new site here.


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